Saturday, July 31, 2010

Baby Panel

These baby panels are still available in stock. We have limited units so if you did have plan to buy it's your chance..grab it before it's gone.

Price = RM35
Postage = RM6






To order...sms to 016 4831744 or e-mail

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fat Quarter - Stock Clearance (Part 3)

Salam To All,

Fat Quarter (18"x22") STOCK CLEARANCE.


Postage = RM6 (Fixed regardless number of items)



K053 - SOLD


To order sms 0164831744 or e-mail

Monday, July 19, 2010

Fat Quarter - Stock Clearance (Part 2)

Salam To All,

Fat Quarter (18"x22") STOCK CLEARANCE.


Postage = RM6 (Fixed regardless number of items)

K018 - SOLD

K020 - SOLD


K024- SOLD

To order...sms 016 4831744 or email

Fat Quarter - Stock Clearance

Salam To All,

Fat Quarter (18"x22") STOCK CLEARANCE.

Postage = RM6 (Fixed regardless number of items)

                             K001- SOLD

K003 - SOLD


K009 - SOLD


K015 - SOLD

To order..sms 016 4831744 or email

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kenapa Usahawan Melayu Selalu Gagal Dalam Perniagaan?

Hari ni my entry is a little bit different from other days. It’s a bit long…so please bear with me.

Many of you may not know my full background..I have 3 yrs working experience from a big audit firm, 10years as accountant in a public listed company. Within that 10 years of job function include everything from how to prepare a full sets of account, how to prepare a budget, manage company cashflow, credit collection (ni kira mcm professional ‘along’), business development and my most favourite job was in procurement where it gave me lots of knowledge on where to find cheap but quality items. Although I resigned in 2007, I did not straight away venture into business but instead I took up licence in financial planning. Reason??...Because I want to equip myself with marketing & selling skills. And financial planning industry is the best place to give me that.

Bukan bertujuan untuk mendabik dada atau meninggi diri dengan segala pengalaman yang I ada tapi I do believe I am very qualified to raise this issue.

From my observation, rata2 kebanyakkan orang melayu kita ni gagal untuk berjaya atau buat bisnes sekerat jalan ..because they don’t have the RIGHT ATTITUDE…!!!


MALAS : Malas nak belajar atau nak ambik tahu tentang skil yang perlu ada sebelum nak bukak bisnes. Business Plan perlu ada so that you know what will be the direction of your business..& what you wanted to do & achieve, how to market your product etc. While your business is running, you need to have a budget so that you can control your spending. You will also need knowledge tentang Cashflow management atau pengurusan alirantunai. Sad to say..ini lah penyebab utama kenapa bisnes orang melayu selalu bungkus. Tak reti nak manage cashflow. Never save money as emergency or reserve for future expansion.

TAKUT : Takut nak tanya, takut nak buat sale, takut nak cuba benda yang baru atau become innovative. In the end, bangsa lain jauh ke hadapan taking the opportunity tapi kita masih dengan perasaan takut kita. You don’t know what you will or can achieve until you try.

MALU : Orang Melayu memang terkenal dengan sifat pemalu. Tapi biarlah malu tu bertempat. Kalau kita perlu bertanya atau bergerak kehadapan untuk peningkatan diri sendiri…buang perasaan malu tu. Paling I tak faham sekali bila malu nak buat sale. How can you expect people to know of your existence if you don’t go out & do marketing & selling.

TAK CONFIDENT : You will never be confident if you don’t try. You will never be confident if you don’t equip yourself with the right knowledge. You will never be confident if you mingle with negative people.

RIAK : Tak kiralah sebesar mana pun kejayaan kita, sebesar mana rezeki yang kita dapat..semuanya kurniaan Allah swt. Sekaya mana kita sekalipun..ingatlah sekelip mata saja Allah swt boleh tarik balik.

DENGKI : When my sister & I first decide to set up Pondok Craft, we are fully aware of this little evil feeling call ‘perasaan hasad dengki’ yang amatlah terkenal dikalangan orang2 Melayu..(well..bangsa lain pun I’m sure ada jugak). But due to our upbringing & the RIGHT ATTITUDE that is always instill upon us by our parents, we always said to ourselves that if we ever come across this situation where there are people yang ada perasaan hasad dengki terhadap Pondok Craft atau both of us…we are going to be cool about it. ..When our website was hacked twice..we said tak apa minor challenge saja. When someone bad mouth our little shop..we just smile and said Alhamdulillah. When ada yang criticize our product & pricing..we took it constructively. When ada yang buat fitnah..we didn’t get mad or jumpy about it coz we are not the type yang suka nak cari pasal or layan benda2 remeh and petty ni. I think we are too educated for that..(alamak…riak a bit.. riak bertempat tak pa kot..). And when some other business has similar name as our Pondok Craft name…it is a huge question mark to us of why is this happening. Although we are not really happy about it and deep down we truly appreciate for that person to change to other name. Don’t get me wrong..kami sikit pun tak ada perasaan buruk sangka towards that could be an honest coincident,,.it’s just that..takut customer confuse saja…anyway, rezeki Allah swt tu banyak. If your product is good, people will still buy from you. But you need to be unique and original in order not to confuse the market.

Why do you need to be cool & calm dengan perasaan hasad dengki atau whatever challenge you are facing?

1. Every challenge has its solution. If you are being emotional, you will not have a sound & clear mind to think of a reasonable solution to your problem.

2. Kalau orang dengki atau buat fitnah, don’t waste your time or energy. You should pull your energy untuk mencari jalan untuk memajukan your bisnes. Tak payah buang masa dengan perkara atau orang yang nak menjatuhkan you.

3. Dengki, marah, emotional...these are all feelings that boleh bagi you stress. Bila stress nanti jatuh sakit. We want to have a healthy life. It has to start with great & happy feelings. So, tolong buang penyakit hati ni.

Pondok Craft is still far from being successful & big. But trust me…dengan izin Allah swt…we will be there 1 day…InsyaAllah.!!!...coz we highly believe in...RIGHT ATTITUDE & NEVER GIVE UP...!!!

Lastly, all I wanted to say is that…when you have the RIGHT ATTITUDE (Rajin, Berani, Opportunist, Confident, Bersyukur)..just ignore people with the WRONG ATTITUDE...and FOCUS your energy in order to achieve what you want. Always strive to BE DIFFERENT and INNOVATIVE in order to capture the market’s interest. Don’t be shy to ask & learn from others..even if you are brilliant accountant, a successful doctor, a well known engineer or a famous lawyer…that doesn’t mean you tak boleh bertanya or belajar dari orang2 yang mempunyai lesser qualification than you. LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKE. If you make 1’s OK…you will be better the next round. And the most important thing is…DON’T EVER GIVE UP…!!!

If you dream to have your own business 1 day..I urge that you instil upon you the RIGHT ATTITUDE. will be successful.

OK…I’ve said whatever I wanted to say…Feel free to give me your comment.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mummy & Kiddy Matching Bags's an about if you make matching bags for yourself and your these.....

Ok tak??...Ini maybe sesuai utk anak perempuan. Kalau nak match dgn anak lelaki..well...gotta find other type of fabric...But then...come to think of it...does your son wants to carry a matching bag with his mum??... Hmm...I kena tanya my own boys...

P/S : I seriously need to brush up on my photo taking...hmm...maybe it's the camera..(cari alasan nak beli camera baru or paksa kawan yg ada kucing jantan nama Popo tolong ambik....)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Corine's Giveaway

To tell you the truth..I am not really into giveaways or contest. Well, not that I don't like freebies but most of the time I didn't win anything. So, as a result...selalu cepat give-up...malas and anything yang sewaktu dengannya.

But...this time is different...the 1 person who is currently having her 1st ever giveaway is...none other than our respectful & beautiful SIFU/MENTOR/CIKGU BESAG.....yup...she is Corine of

If you have never been to her must make a point to check the blog out. She has given us a lot of support, motivation and not forgetting the many brilliant techniques/teachings that both my sister and I will cherish forever.

So...apa tunggu lagi..beb...check her blog, be a follower and join lah this giveaway.....

You stand a chance to win 1 of these...

P/S : I still hope for once in my life..(*exaggerate*) will win this giveaway..kan Corine..kan..kan..(i'm winking at you now)...

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What Type Of Bag Are You?

I always believe that a woman's character is dictated by the type of bag that she carries. Do you agree with me?

Take these bags for instance :

The woman who carries this bag is soft & sweet. Very feminine. Loves beautiful things in her life. A true woman of leisure.

A simple woman who doesn't like complication. Is very serious at work. A very compliance and detail person.

A very busy but organized mother. She is highly capable to juggle between her career and motherhood. A no nonsense type of woman.

And...finally....THIS IS ME....!!!!

A sling bag indicates an active person who loves to carry it across the shoulder. Floral type of fabric coz she loves beautiful things. Black - a no nonsense type of woman who doesn't take no for an answer.

This bag is still not complete (a WIP)...sama macam tuan dia yang sometimes can be in a state of confusion..he..he...

All materials and fabrics for all the above bags can be purchase from our store. If you wish to learn to make all these beautiful 016 4831744 for appointment.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


THIS IS IT....It's time for me to announce the lucky winners..My apologies sebab terlambat 1 hari. Diharap tak ada yang merajuk, kecik hati, bebai ataupun sentap...

Kepada yang tak menang jangan kecik hati...ok..Selections are not at random but based on write up or posting that catch my attention...

1st Grand Prize Winner who will walk away with these beautiful stash of fabrics from our 'secret gerobok', plus 1 benang mettler & 1 zip.........goes to.....azaidris of

2nd Grand Prize Winner who will also walk away with stash from our secret gerobok plus 1 zip....goes to... Dura of

And 3 hadiah saguhati goes to these 3 lucky winners who will take the following hadiah.

Liana of She will take away this Cross Stitch mag with 3 dmc thread. Hope she will use this as a  starting point for her to start this as a hobby.

Alya of Hope she likes this fat quarter.

Last sekali, Nida of I'm giving 1 fat quarter jugak. Hope she likes it.

To the rest of you yg hantar submission...from the bottom of my heart I just want to express my utmost appreciation & gratitude for your support. You all pun tak walk away empty handed. I'm giving ALL of you a further 10% discount for purchase of any of our fabrics, tools, finished products & enrolment to our classes. Tapi this discount tak termasuk purchase of sewing machine..(sorry...) coz sewing machine akan ada it's own attractive package which I will be announcing soon...!! Offer valid until 31st August 2010 and  only for 1 single purchase/receipt saja..

To the winners, please e-mail or sms me your address so that I can send you the prizes.
To the rest yg nak utilize the discount, please quote GA in your sms/email to me when you place your order.

Last but not least, thank you again for your support. It's a real pleasure doing business with all of you. Please visit us again..kat blog or mai ke kedai. We are still small now but we will grow big 1 day..InsyaAllah. Your support is very important to us..

That's all for now...

Thank you.

For Pondok Craft,
Ayu & Afdera (my shy sister who seldom makes appearance in this blog..)