Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our Online Store Is Back In Business

GOOD NEWS...GOOD NEWS...GOOD NEWS..... our online store http://www.pondokcraft.com/ sudah kembali beroperasi seperti biasa....phewww....nasib baik... For those who sms or call to inquire about the website, I apologized for all the inconvenience.

Lepas ni nampaknya kena letak security lagi tebal lah kot...

Have A Great Day....!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Website Kami Kena Ceroboh

Salam To All,

If some of you have tried to go into our online store : http://www.pondokcraft.com/ you may have noticed that the page went blank. It seems that someone dah hack masuk our website & deleted some of the files.

On behalf of Pondok Craft I apologize for all the inconvenience. Siapa yang punya angkara pun tak tau lah. But, anyway we are trying our best to rectify it.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Teacher's Day

As soon as I reached our Pondok from Jitra this morning, I straight away put to work by my sis. We've got to complete 30 key chain as a gift for Teacher's Day. I've never learned to make this before...as usual she is the expert. First look at it memang nampak susah....Dok fikir macammana la nak letak butang dgn key chain nya... As usual my sis will always say...ala senang je nak buat ni...Hmm memang la senang kalau dah terror buat..

But, anyway to cut the story short...she taught me how to make the key chain. And true enough..it is sooo easy.                                    

This is 1 of the key chain yang dah siap. We chose floral type of fabric for cikgu perempuan.

Bahagian dalam...put some lace for the pocket... (I bet my friend Ann will say..lace??..huh mcm pompuan biasa..opps..sorry..secret joke only we all je yg tau...)

Bahagian belakang...

Ok...I'll post some photos of key chain yang dah siap utk cikgu lelaki pulak...

Psst...this key chain is so easy to make. Even if you are a beginner in sewing..you can do this.. Drop by our place if you wish to learn..(of course kena call dulu lah for appt).

OK..on behalf of Pondok Craft I wish all cikgu2... Selamat Hari Guru...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day

My lepak-at-home project during mother's day. Since I'm in Jitra & not at my pondok in Perai..with very limited resources...these are all that I manage to sew...

4 hearts menggambarkan my love to my 4 beautiful children.

These 2 bags are made using remnants dalam tupperware besar at our pondok.

Tips to all newbies - don't throw pieces of kain  from your sewing project coz you can always use it. That's the beauty of 'Seni Cantuman Tampal' or patchwork

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Queen Size Quilt - My Current WIP

This is my current work in progress. I still need to put the border, batting & backing.

I have also not decided whether to sell this quilt or to keep it for use..hmm..kalau semua benda buat untuk pakai sendiri..boleh bungkus bisnes kalau camni.
But on the other hand, ever since I started sewing I have not make a quilt for myself yet... I think I need to pamper myself once a while with my own hasil kerjatangan...

Hmm...we shall see lahh...

We sell batting at RM28 per metre...I have yet to upload the photo in our online store..Maybe I'll do it later..just sms me lah...OK....

Projek Tergendala - Ribbon Embroidery

Rasanya dah agak lama tak update blog. Apart from busy entertaining my most-of-the-time-crazy friend Ann of Craftyanique...I was pretty tight up helping my brother to Project Manage his newly set up medical centre dekat Jitra.

Anyway, talk about project..I just wanted to share with you a project that I've started in 2008 which until now masih tergendala...Ribbon Embroidery...I have always admire Pn Ann's work & dari sehari kesehari trying to find time to attend her class tapi selalu tak sempat. One day, I accompanied my sister to Yee Button..the moment I step into the kedai & saw gambar pemandangan with ribbon embroidery work on it..I fell in love right away & terus sign up for the class.

This is my unfinished project. My cikgu's style is to combine using DMC thread & ribbon. She said by doing this tak payah la spend so much on ribbon because it is expensive. Well..I have to admit this is 1 very expensive hobby.

Yang ni pulak my sister's unfinished project. Hmmm..adik beradik sama je buat keje tak siap. Busy la katakan. Checkout the background pokok & how tedious it is to do. Memerlukan kesabaran yg maha hebat plus eye-sight yg elok. She use DMC thread for the tree and ribbon for the flowers. Cantik takk??..Ye la..kalau dah siap lagi cantik kan.

Apa-apa pun by this year we must complete this project..frame it & proudly hang them at our pondok..InsyaAllah.

By the way, for those of you who wish to buy DMC thread..we are selling at RM1.30. If you wish to buy, just sms me the no...postage is at RM4...err...since harga postage lagi mahal apa kata you all beli banyak..he..he..

OK ...ladies....DMC Thread = RM1.30...while stocks last....