Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bernina Sewing Machine - Brand New


I've been wanting to advertise & promote this for quite sometime tapi tak it is.....

Bernette 82e

Price = RM2,500

Bernette e92c

Price = RM3,300

Bernina 800DL (Mesin Jahit Tepi)

Price = RM2,000

Aurora 440 Quilter's Edition

Price = RM8,200

There are so many other companies or agents selling sewing machine either of the same or different brands. I'm sure the question that you will be asking me is that...why should we buy from you?

Here are the addition to buying the machine, we are giving you :

a) 10% discount (lifetime) to all purchase of Pondok Craft's fabrics, tools & other items.
b) 10% discount to attend any classes conducted by Pondok Craft.
c) 10% discount voucher to attend classes conducted by our biz partner :
d) Free 1 sewing kit
e) Free 1 lesson (price of material not included)
f) Free Ebook on "Buat Duit Dengan Blog" and "100 Cara Promosi Tingkatkan Web Trafik Anda"
g) Your blog link will be included in our promo material (eg newsletter, email, etc)
h) Opportunity to join our booth (with no charge) in selling craft products in any event join by Pondok Craft.
i) Lifetime after sales support

Please e-mail to for detail product brochure & payment method.



Thursday, August 5, 2010

Meeting with Rosita Jaafar

I'm very sure most of you know the existence of this woman...Rosita Jaafar. (

I met her for the first time a few weeks ago when both of us attended 1 keusahawanan taklimat kat INSKEN. I was so impressed to see how gorgeous she is..the way she dressed, talked & how she carried herself. For once in my life I felt so intimidated.I'm already very terror in my existing profession but I'm still a freshie in this industry (kraftangan & jahitan)...That's why la terasa diri ini begitu kecik sekali..

Anyway..during that taklimat all of us were given a chance to talk briefly about our business. What really caught my attention was when she mentioned to us that her students were able to earn on average of RM20K per month...Being a mata duitan myself, I wasted no time to ask her how they did it...

And today...the secrets have been revealed...hehehe......Sure semua orang saspen nak tau apa secret dia.. Aiyo...dah nama pun secret...mana boleh bagitau...Hehehe...bukan kedekut ilmu laa....biarlah I test dulu tgk boleh ke consistently earn a minimum of that amount or not..