Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sales Update

Salam to all,

I've been very quiet over the weekend with no new juicy crazy sales item. Went to KL on Friday & back on the same day. Balik kg sekejap in fact I am still in Jitra...

  • Our June 2010 sales is still ongoing till 30th June 2010.
  • The CRAZY FAT QUARTER sale is already over. Now the price has gone back to RM9 per piece.
  • Those of you yang baru terjumpa this blog...please checkout Sale June 2010 to see all the previous postings of all the products that I put on sale.
  • I'm going to reveal more fabrics on sale...Corduroy, Cotton Linen...& more Cotton
  • Sewing Machine....I have 3 second hand machine that I will put on sale & new Bernina sewing machine with very very attractive you know...we are Bernina agent who has been keeping a very low profile all this time...muahahaha...
And...last but not least...just want to share with you projects done by my happy customer who are kind enough to share with me the outcome of the fabric that they bought from Pondok Craft.

This is made by Kak Yati. She wasted no time in putting this together the moment when she received this fabric. Checkout more of her work at . This fabric is from the Free Spirit collection & my favourite. I just can't wait to see what she does with the other 4 fabrics she bought. I'm sure it turns out gorgeous.

This cute skirt is designed & sewn by my good friend Azidah. I've known her when we did our A Levels 21yrs ago. An accountant who chose to become a homemaker. She's a very intelligent, smart & talented woman. A typical Perempuan Melayu who is not only beautiful & intelligent but knows how to sew & cook (must try her brownies & cup cake..sure teringat2). She bought the polka dot fabric from me. You must see more of her work at

This is Bernette 92c own by another friend, Ann. She bought this from me when she finally decided to become Perempuan Melayu Terakhir..i.e perempuan melayu yang pandai menjahit. you know that she is actually a Lawyer...Haha..ramai yg tak tau kan?? It's her lifetime ambition not to become just a lawyer tapi a lawyer yg mempunyai ciri2 perempuan melayu pemalu dan pandai menjahit. I know this because I always lepak at her house & saw her tengah praktis duduk bersimpuh sambil pakai kain batik...

And this is her product that I admire the most. I'm just so proud to see how it turns out. The name Halimatun is sewn using Bernette.. checkout more of her work at

Untuk kawan2 yang lain...I truly hope you all boleh share jugak with me the finished products from the fabric you bought from Pondok Craft.

OK...once again..mark this blog coz more juicy stuffs will be revealed...


Princess Closet said...

Wah ayu u getting sentimental my friend? U are still my version of 'perempuan melayu terakhir ' hehe I'm making 2 matching blouses to go w that skirt one done another on d way, that polka is really versatile, rasa mcm nak simpan bermtr mtr aje dlm stock, I tunggu gaji masuk dulu eh :) love u friend

MamaDaniel said...

Salam Kak Ayu.. saya mmg tgh mencari-cari mesin jahit second hand.. yg sesuai utk beginner mcm saya.. tak sabar nak tgk kak ayu upload .. hehe

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

Wachaaaaaa!!!!!!!! hiah hiah ! chop chop ! hamik ! aku karate chop hang !


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