Saturday, December 18, 2010

Charity Project : Back To School (Update)


I am pleased to inform you that todate I have received more than 100 items for this project...I'm truly grateful to all of you. Terkejut dan tak terkata lah bila tengok barang2 tu semua...coz all the items received are really beautiful, extremely unique & highly creative. You all ni memang super talented & creative laaa....kecik rasa diriku ini..uhukk...uhukk...

Anyway, I'll update more photos of all the items received. Plus photos when I hand over these items to Elly. Fyi, she has already started to deliver other items collected from other donors to areas in Pantai Timur. Our items will be sent to the next destination in Perak.

OK ladies...nanti I update lagi...btw...if you terlepas the 20th Dec deadline...tak apa...just send over the items. Awal ke lambat I will make sure your items will be sent to the respective charity places...OK...

Take care

Ayu (016 4831744)