Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our Latest News

Salam Aidil Adha To All,

We have been quiet for the past few months. Blog pun tak update...sales aktiviti pun tak dak. Well...bukan lah sebab Pondok Craft dah berkubur but my sis and I were very busy with family commitment that we have to lay low for a while.

OK...enough with that...what's new???

Our online store....!!!... For those of you who have been following us from the beginning may have notice that our online store dah non-existent anymore. Dah kena hack sampai 2 kali which has resulted in all the files being deleted. I gave up tak mau pakai Zen Cart anymore.

So...hari ni nak announce online store baru. Masih under construction i.e tgh upload all the products. But, you can go in there and check out.

Why do I choose this online store & what is so special about it?
  • Cheap - it only cost me RM88 to set up. It includes domain name, hosting & online template.
  • Payment system - ipay88. Our new online store allows you to make payment using both internet banking & credit card. Price (RM88) we pay is inclusive of that.
  • Poslaju services.
  • Melaka govt project. I can ride on their promotion.
(Psst...those who are interested to set up..please let me & I can give you the contact person...there's an incentive for introducer laaaa)

This is Pondok Craft's new online store :

To all our blog followers....I need a favour....

Can you please go into the website, click register account and register your e-mail add.

All new customer account registered between now until 30th Nov 2010 will receive a 10% discount coupon (via e-mail) for any purchase of Pondok Craft's product in 2011.

So...apa lagi...cepat...cepat...cepat...

Our physical store....For next year..Insyaallah kalau diizinkan Allah swt we will have 1 new staff to help us man the shop. With that our shop will be operating 7 days a week. Nak attend classes pun will no longer be limited to Saturday & Sunday sahaja...Hope this will be a great relieve to those yang nak datang tapi selalu plan agak terbantut coz my sis & I were not in.

OK...that's all for now.

Thank you so much to all our customers & followers for a great year. Keep following coz there will be lots of great things in store for 2011.

Take Care


Mila@Rimbun said...

wahh lamanya tak dengar cerita kak ayu.. akhir nya muncul jua. Ingatkan dah ikut best friend jd photographer

Princess Closet said...

congrats friend !

Ayu said...

Thanks Mila sbb masih setia fren tu dh beralih hobi. Tapi good thing nya I hv someone utk amik gambar produk2 I...Tak payah upah profesional photographer.

Thanks Azidah...gonna miss you. Hope to see you in Rotterdam next yr..InsyaAllah klu diizinkan Allah will visit you there dgn Ann.

Fieda said...

ya...saya suka....pas ni boleh la nak lawat selalu erk...:)

ada jawatan kosong lagi tak? hahahaha...nak mohon ni...:)

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