Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fat Quarter - 1930's Collection

Salam to All,

I have finally managed to update the many fabric collections that we have in our store..(thanks to my friend Ann who helped me to take all the photos).

We're selling these beautiful 1930's collections in a pack of 4 designs at a price of RM36 per pack. They are very limited. Hurry...while stocks last....go to our online store at to make your purchase.

Jangan tunggu lama2...nanti menyesal. friend Ann didn't want me to tell you this but she also have a very cute blog - Shh...don't tell her I told you this..


CikDibah ;P said...

salam...huhu..saya try nak gi ur online store..tapi nape takleh access..

insan kuciwa...

Sherry said...

yalah your online store x access

zaza said...

salam..stok2 kain kat atas ader lagi ker..

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