Sunday, March 28, 2010

April Classes

Salam To All,

We are having our monthly classes again in Jitra. The details are as follows :

Date : 10th April 2010

Time : 10am - 4pm

Venue : Dewan Surau Kg Tok Kesop, Jitra, Kedah

This time the choices of projects will be a little bit more interesting. We are giving participants an option to pick & choose either one of the following projects....or...if they want to be more adventurous & prefer to do more than 1 project...well...nobody's stopping them...Dare to take the challenge??...Here are the projects :

1. Shopping Bag = RM150 (include materials)

2. Pencil Case = RM40 (include materials)

3. Purse = RM40 (include materials)

4. Cushion cover = RM100 (include materials)
Places are very limited. Call or sms to 016 4831744 now if you wish to book a place....Cepat....!!!!


irma said...

ada x jual zip yg kepala dia comel2,mcm yg pencil case tu??brape rm ye

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