Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stock Clearance - DMC Thread

Salam to all,

I'm making some old stock clearance. 1st clearance - DMC Thread.

I'm selling at RM1.20 per skein. Free postage. 

If you wish to order, please pm or sms me stating the no and quantity.

Ayu (016 4831744)


suzie said...

kak...benag warna itam ada tak...kalau ada suzie nak la..dalam 5 pieces...

Ayu said...

hitam dah habis lah dear...yg lain2 masih byk. Bg colour code je..

wadi said...

saya nak yg ni 162 928 927 369 320 890 164 3345 895 704 703 905 3053 165 3819 444 Ecru 822 762 640 3023 3782 3790 841 839 646 938

Unknown said...


I'm sorry for the very late response, but do you still sell your DMC threads?

If you are, I'm rather interested.. :)

Anonymous said...

masih jual ke?

Anonymous said...


Do you have 3782 in your collection? Also how many skeins do you have in total as I may buy everything. Give me the total no. of threads and total price :). Are they all new threads?


Anonymous said...

Do you still have stock available?


Luna Lisa said...

Hi, Pls pm me at 0164768014 if u still have DMC thread t sell. TQ

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