Thursday, April 28, 2011

Quilt Shop In Amsterdam

Salam to All,

I know it has been ages since I write any new updates. I'm sure ramai yang tertanya2...depa ni dok meniaga lagi kaa??...Well..the answer is...YES...we are still in business. Masih lagi passionate with this handicraft. It's just that both my sister and I are a bit busy with other projects so we chose to remain low and slow. Takut nanti tak terbuat customer's order...tak best lahh...

Anyway, what I wanted to share with you are some pictures of a quilt shop I found in Amsterdam during my recent trip there.

 This was the highlight of my visit. I was like a girl in a candy store. The best part was...this shop was just 10 mins away from my hotel. But yang tak best nya...I only managed to go there on the last day of my stay.

The shop owner allowed me to take pictures of the fabric but not the quilt...tapi I curi-curi ambik jugak.

Geram kannn....dok berangan sangat 1 day Pondok Craft will be as big as this...InsyaAllah...!!

Hatiku rasa sungguh berdebar2...jiwa rasa bergelora...tapi since Euro tinggal tak banyak...apakan daya.....huhuhu

And lastly...this is me dengan muka yg amatlah tak puashatinya sbb tak dapat nak beli banyak barang....posing while looking directly at the Quilt Shop. was a great trip. Want to see more adventures....jangan lupa follow my great buddy, Ann of on her great journey to Italy...(yang I pun sepatutnya pi tp clash with my trip ke Amsterdam)...just follow her blog : 

Ok...till I update again...

Take care