Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bag For My Mum

Hi Friends,

I've just completed this bag today as a gift for my mum's birthday tomorrow. My sister pick the fabric. It's beautiful & we hope she will like it.

Fyi, this will be the same bag that we will teach in our class in Jitra on the 10th of April. (If you still do not know about this class, please go to Class category in this blog for detail)

I am also currently making the same bag using this fabric.

Niat asal I wanted to make this for my eldest sister who always complaint we never make anything for her. But then again...the fabric is just so beautiful I feel like making the bag for myself...hmm..we'll see lahh...Tak baik la pulak kalau dah niat nak bagi kat orang tiba2 tak jadi...isshh...isshh..

Anyway, I shall post the bag here once it's ready. Btw...if you like the fabric.. do checkout our online store ( for other similar designs.



azidah said...

i like this page! sweet. I like the 2nd fabric, would make a really nice bag.

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

sweet la comment box ....


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