Thursday, March 1, 2012


Salam to all,

Rasanya dah berkurun lama tak buat giveaway. Ok lah...since this year is a leap year...and also baru je recently I set up an FB page for Pondok Craft...rasanya it's a good reason lah kot nak buat Giveaway.'s sooooo easy. All you have to do is to help me promote my FB page : . Senang kannn....???

The best entry will get some delicious items from our pondok.

Why am I so eager to promote my FB page??...Aha...there'll be a Stock Clearance Sale that I'll be announcing soon and it's only available on my FB page. Therefore, please LIKE my page to purchase the many stuffs that I'll put on SALE. And promote my page i n order to win the GA prize...(ehem...I will post the GA prize later)...kasi saspen sikit.

OK...that's all from me. Take care.


sheeraY said...

saya join :)

Ayu said...

Salam Sheera,

Wahhh...nampaknya sheera sorang je berminat join GA my giveaway ni nak bg kat Sheera. Bagi contact address ye so that I boleh pos.

sheeraY said...

thanks a lot sis ^.^

saye send email ya


dah de winner yea??x dpt la nk join..

Mila@Rimbun said...

wahhh lama menyepi... tuh tuh dengan semangat baru, nnt I like kat FB yer... now kat opis, FB kena block hehe

user2 said...

Do you teach patchwork quilt class?

user2 said...

Do you teach patchwork quilt class?

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